The Java Class Generated From a JSP Page
imports javax.servlet.*;
imports javax.servlet.http.*;
imports javax.servlet.jsp.*;
* An example of a class generated for a JSP.
* The name of the class is unpredictable.
* We are assuming that this is an HTTP JSP page (like almost all are)
class _jsp1344 extends ExampleHttpSuper {
// Next code inserted directly via declarations.
// Any of the following pieces may or not be present
// if they are not defined here the superclass methods
// will be used.
public void jspInit() {....}
public void jspDestroy() {....}
// The next method is generated automatically by the 
// JSP processor.
// body of JSP page
public void _jspService(HttpServletRequest request,
HttpServletResponse response) 
throws ServletException, IOException { 
// initialization of the implicit variables 
HttpSession session = request.getSession(); 
ServletContext context =
// for this example, we assume a buffered directive
JSPBufferedWriter out = new
// next is code from scriptlets, expressions, and static text.
Chapter 3
The JSP Container

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