Implementation Flexibility
The transformations described in this Chapter need not be performed literally; an 
implementation may want to implement things differently to provide better performance, 
lower memory footprint, or other implementation attributes.
TABLE 4 1 
Structure of the JavaProgramming Language Class
Optional imports clause as 
import name1
indicated via jsp directive
SuperClass is either 
class _jspXXX extends SuperClass 
selected by the JSP 
container or by the JSP 
author via jsp directive.
Name of class (_jspXXX) 
is implementation 
Start of body of JSP page 
implementation class
(1) Declaration Section
// declarations ...
signature for generated 
public void _jspService( request,
throws ServletException, IOException {
(2) Implicit Objects Section
// code that defines and initializes request, response, page, 
pageContext etc.
(3) Main Section
// code that defines request/response mapping
close of _jspService 
close of _jspXXX
JavaServer Pages 1.1 Specification  
November 30, 1999

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