Quoting Conventions
The quoting rules for the JSP 1.1 specification are designed to be friendly for hand authoring, 
they are not valid XML conventions.
Quoting conventions are converted in the generation of the XML document from the JSP 
page. This is not yet described in this version of the specification.
Request Time Attribute Expressions
Request time attribute expressions are of the form  <%= expression %> . Although this 
syntax is consistent with the syntax used elsewhere in a JSP page, it is not a legal XML 
syntax. The XML mapping for these expressions is into values of the form  %= expression' 
% , where the JSP specification quoting convention has been converted to the XML quoting 
DTD for the XML document
The following is a DTD for the current XML mapping:
DTD for the XML document
JavaServer Pages 1.1 Specification  
November 30, 1999

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