Changes between 1.1 PR1 and PR2
Added a Glossary as Appendix F.
Normalized use of Container and Component terminology; including changing the name 
of Chapter 3.
Described the relationship of this specification to the Servlets and J2EE specifications.
Expanded on some of the organizational models in Chapter 1 so as to cover 0.92's "model 
1" and "model 2".
Expanded Section 2.7.2 to summarize the implications of threading and distribution from 
the Servlet spec and to define the notion of a distributable JSP page.
Added a description of how to package a JSP page within a WAR; changed the title of 
Appendix C to reflect the new material.
A tag handler is now a JavaBean component; attributes are properties that have been 
explicitly marked as attributes in the TLD.
The type subelement of attribute in the TLD is now defined by the type of the 
corresponding JavaBean component property, and has been removed from the TLD.
Clarified implicit import list in Section 2.7.1. Clarified details on Section 2.12.1, 
Section 2.13.6 and Section 3.4.2.
The names of the DTDs have changed to reflect that the JSP and Servlet specifications 
have a separate release vehicle to J2EE.  The new names are web jsptaglibrary_1_1.dtd 
and web app_2_2.dtd.
Decomposed the Tag abstract class into two interfaces and two support classes.
Adjusted the semantics of the uri attribute in taglib, and the mechanism by which a tag 
library descriptor is located.
Normalized the terminology on the Tag Extension mechanism.
Indicated that a "compiled" JSP page should be packaged with any support classes it may 
 is now 
 to clarify its meaning; this is similar to the PD 
name.  The name 
 was confusing some readers.
Corrected implementation examples to show how a JSP page implementation class 
 only statically.
JavaServer Pages 1.1 Specification  
November 30, 1999

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