This appendix is a glossary of the main concepts mentioned in this specification.
An element in a JSP page that can act on implicit objects and other server side objects 
or can define new scripting variables. Actions follow the XML syntax for elements 
with a start tag, a body and an end tag; if the body is empty it can also use the empty 
tag syntax. The tag must use a prefix.
action, standard
An action that is defined in the JSP specification and is always available to a JSP file 
without being imported.
action, custom
An action described in a portable manner by a tag library descriptor and a collection of 
Java classes and imported into a JSP page by a taglib directive.
Application Assembler
A person that combines JSP pages, servlet classes, HTML content, tag libraries, and 
other Web content into a deployable Web application.
component contract
The contract between a component and its container, including life cycle management 
of the component and the APIs and protocols that the container must support.
Component Provider
A vendor that provides a component either as Java classes or as JSP page source.
distributed container
A JSP container that can run a Web application that is tagged as distributable and is 
spread across multiple Java virtual machines that might be running on different hosts.
An scripting element that declares methods, variables, or both in a JSP page. 
Syntactically it is delimited by the <%! and %> characters.
An element in a JSP page that gives an instruction to the JSP container and is 
interpreted at translation time. Syntactically it is delimited by the <%@ and %> 
A portion of a JSP page that is recognized by the JSP translator. An element can be a 
directive, an action, or a scripting element.
A scripting element that contains a valid scripting language expression that is 
evaluated, converted to a 
, and placed into the implicit 
Syntactically it is delimited by the <%= and %> characters

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