A piece of text between a left angle bracket and a right angle bracket that has a name, 
can have attributes, and is part of an element in a JSP page. Tag names are known to 
the JSP translator, either because the name is part of the JSP specification (in the case 
of a standard action), or because it has been introduced using a Tag Library (in the case 
of custom action).
tag handler
A JavaBean component that implements the 
 interfaces and is the 
run time representation of a custom action.
tag library
A collection of custom actions described by a tag library descriptor and Java classes.
tag library descriptor
An XML document describing a tag library.
Tag Library Provider
A vendor that provides a tag library. Typical examples may be a JSP container vendor, 
a development group within a corporation, a component vendor, or a service vendor 
that wants to provide easier use of their services.
Web application
An application built for the Internet, an intranet, or an extranet.
Web application,
A Web application that is written so that it can be deployed in a Web container 
distributed across multiple Java virtual machines running on the same host or different 
hosts. The deployment descriptor for such an application uses the 
Web Application
A person who deploys a Web application in a Web container, specifying at least the 
root prefix for the Web application, and in a J2EE environment, the security and 
resource mappings.
Web component
A servlet class or JSP page that runs in a JSP container and provides services in 
response to requests.
Web Container
A vendor that provides a servlet and JSP container that support the corresponding 
component contracts.

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