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All our creditcard transactions are carried out via 2Checkout , member of Better Business Bureau and Verified by Visa program, with the highest security in place. Our site is 100% SECURE so your personal information is completelysafe Guaranteed



Guarantee Difference
-High quality, fast and secure Dual Xenon servers monitored 24/7
-Easy Web Account Management with telnet, FTP and Control Panel access
-5 hours free setup (every day FREE)
-Experienced and knowledgeable support with more than 15 years of experience
-Unconditional 30 days money back guarantee
-Free Search Engine Submission on over than 250 search engines
-Access to more than 10.000 professional web templates to build your website - ALL THAT FOR FREE
Transfer your website to with ZERO Downtime
Unhappy with your current web hosting provider?
Getting responses to your support request is mission impossible? Your website is offline more than on?.. DON'T stress any longer!
Transferring your website from another provider is not rocket science and with this easy step-by-step guide it'll be over before you know it!
The only requirement is that you do not delete your current web hosting account until your new one with us is setup. Follow the steps below to ensure ZERO downtime and not lose any business off your website.


Just follow these easy steps for smooth, hassle free and ZERO downtime transfer:

1. Choose a web hosting account at
As a general guideline:
Choose regular for personal, hobby, small-medium business websites
Choose business for corporate, ecommerce, java and database driven websites

2. Place an order
Place an order for a your web hosting account by filling out our easy online order form
Maximum 5 hours after you placed an order your new account will be activated.
After that we will email you all the necessary account login details and instructions on using and managing your hosting account.

3. Upload all your website files to your account.

You will use the same procedure as you did with your previous host only with different login details. Use FrontPage, Dream Weaver, cute ftp or another preferred ftp program to upload your site.
All the login details and instructions will be in your activation email.
Instructions for uploading WITHOUT having changed your DNS are also provided.

4. Change your Name Servers (DNS records)
Now that you've uploaded all your files to your account, you're ready to change the Name Servers (DNS records) for your domain. Once you have everything verified go to the place where you originally registered your domain (your registrar). You need to login to your account there and change your Name Servers (DNS records) to and . After you do that, your website will be updated WORLDWIDE within 24-72 hours. Note: although you may be able to see your site is on your new server within possibly 12 hours, please allow a complete 72 hour cycle before you delete your old host.

5. Cancel your old hosting account
You're now ready to cancel your old hosting account!

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